About Us or About You?

Never in my life would I have imagined becoming the founder of a skincare brand.

There are already too many brands, too many products, and far too much waste...

Let’s face it. Most skincare products underperform, leading to overconsumption and never-ending cycle of trial and error. While we're aware of the pollution caused by the cosmetic industry, we tend to believe it doesn't affect us until we see it with our own eyes.

This is what happened to me on my honeymoon in Ha Long Bay (Northern Vietnam), a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the world's new wonders. Once there, instead of immersing myself in the stunning pristine pictures seen on the internet, I was faced with the harsh reality of floating plastic. It was literally everywhere: not only on the shore, but also extending into the depths of the sea.

So instead of enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty, I could not look away from the all sorts of waste in the water: bottles, bags, and packaging, including health and beauty products… That's when I thought, there should be a better way.

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The excessive production, consumption, and waste generation driven by consumer products, including cosmetics, are harming the health of the planet and our own well-being in ways we cannot even imagine. While the skincare industry is making efforts towards recycling and refilling, it overlooks the root cause: excessive product lines and constant push to overconsumption.

While creating less but harder-working skincare products is the only way to drastically reduce waste at its roots. But it requires a paradigm shift that would negatively impact the current profits of skincare brands. Nevertheless, there is hope for new skincare brands to lead the way and bring transformative change in the industry.

As the daughter of an oceanologist, I've always had a special connection to the oceans. However, it was only on my honeymoon trip when I fully realized the greatest mistake: to think that someone else will come and fix the cosmetic industry issues and its devastating pollution effects for us.

This is why I created SYSTEM SKIN with the mission to lead a shift towards less, yet harder-working skincare and a more conscious and sustainable future. Our skin health and the environment are parts of one SYSTEM, and only by addressing pollution at its roots, we have the power to drive a massive positive change that benefits both our skin and the planet.


But who am I?

I am not a member of a large corporation, a scientist, a doctor, a plastic surgeon, or an esthetician. I am not an influencer or a celebrity. Despite dedicating my professional life to working with consumer brands across various sectors, I have never been directly involved in the cosmetic industry. And that´s where my power is.

Because it made me question all the established rules that the industry lived and sworn by and continues to do so. It made me unbiassed, versatile, and not “married” to any specific method or ingredient. I don't have to please any stakeholders, monetize any social media following, and I don't have any client database to capitalize on.

While the majority of skincare brands fall into the different categories mentioned above, they all have one thing in common: promoting skincare routines consisting of multiple products and pushing people to buy more and more complimentary items for "best results". It’s better for the profits, but not for you, nor for the environment. That´s a sad truth. And this is so wrong in its essence. And it needs to change. But how?

With a small but mindful decision made by one person. And I´m not talking about me. It´s about you. When you choose brands that prioritize both product efficiency and waste reduction at its roots, real change will start to happen. More companies will start aligning with those values to attract clients like you. And this will compound into a massive shift and a real transformation. 

That's why it's not about us. Despite the fact that over 25.600 people involved in making SYSTEM SKIN revolutionary product a reality are some of the brightest and most talented scientists, bioengineers, doctors, pharmacists, professors, researchers, chemists, evaluators, and so many more. They are behind the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 13 patents, and 79 clinical studies, backing SYSTEM SKIN´s disruptive technology, that is able to rejuvenate skin in just 4 hours of sleep with only one product. I am so honored to collaborate with them and so proud of the result of our work for less but harder-working products that lead the change towards a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable future.

But it all means nothing without you. Your one mindful decision holds the power to make a change on the entire SYSTEM: you, the environment, and the society as a whole. Thanks to your support, we can continue our mission and inspire other people and businesses to join the efforts for a better future.

It´s again, all about you.


Alena Demina